Sicko Michael Moore Spins a Boo-Job (Updated)

It’s America-bashing season.
The Academy Awards are on this weekend.
Michael Moore will be honored this year by Hollywood for his socialist film “Sicko.”

Filmmaker Michael Moore arrives at the premiere of ‘Semi-Pro’ in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

The military haters of Hollywood will continue to do battle against the country at the Academy Awards this weekend.
Surprisingly, pro-American films were skipped over again this year.
(There weren’t many to choose from!)
Michael Moore did his best to rewrite Hollywood history before the awards show.
The AFP reported:

Documentaries about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are set to take center stage at the Academy Awards on Sunday, giving Oscar guests a grim reminder of the uncertain world beyond the red carpet.

Two of the five films nominated in the best documentary category deal directly with the conflict in Iraq, while a third centers around the horrific torture of an Afghan prisoner at a US military base.

Ironically, the nomination of the documentaries comes five years after film-maker Michael Moore was jeered at the Kodak Theatre when he used his acceptance speech to criticize the US-led invasion of Iraq.

“The Academy has nominated three anti-war films: the thing that I was booed off the stage for is now being honored,” said Moore. “Times have changed.”

Moore is also amongst the nominees on Sunday for his lacerating look at the US healthcare system “Sicko.”

Two films that have generated the headlines over the past year are Charles Ferguson’s searing indictment of the post-invasion administration of Iraq “No End in Sight” and Alex Gibney’s “Taxi to the Dark Side.”

Umm… Here’s how the Hollywood crowd treated Michael Moore at the Oscars for his antiwar anti-Bush speech:

It’s not quite the boo-job he pretends it was.
…He is talking about Hollywood after all.

Michael Moore wants to bring the Castro zombie with him to Hollywood to speak at the show this weekend.
Now there’s a certain standing ovation.

UPDATE: Funny how Michael Moore decided to switch the script today.
Here is what he said about the boo-job back when it happened:

It was two different groups of people. You can look at a tape of the show — there’s nobody booing on the main floor. Do you think they’re that flaky in Hollywood that I was the first award they stood for — the first standing ovation — and within 10 seconds they decided to change their minds? The same people who’d voted for this film?

…The first shouts were ”No, no!” and it was almost like the person was miked. It was so loud. But it was so weird because I was looking at the audience, and they were all either sitting there nodding, smiling, applauding, or just listening. I have friends and family who were in the balcony, and they said the first sounds didn’t come up from up there, it came through the amplified loud-speaker system in the auditorium. The L.A. Times said stagehands joined in.

Back in 2003 Moore said the audience was applauding.
Today Moore says they booed.
And, the media doesn’t bat an eye.

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