Shocker… ACLU Behind Orange Gitmo Lapel Ribbons At Oscars

The Oscars tanked this year to their worst ever ratings.
Some blamed it on a strike that was going on with the writers.
Some blamed it on the rainy weather.
Could it be that this bunch of self-centered useful idiots are so filled with contempt for their country that regular Americans don’t want to support them or their work?

MORE PROOF: The Orange Gitmo Lapel Ribbons

Libertas reported on this latest Hollywood fad.

Documentarians Eva Orner (L) and Alex Gibney hold their Oscars for best documentary feature “Taxi to the Dark Side” at the 80th annual Academy Awards, the Oscars, in Hollywood February 24, 2008. (REUTERS/Mike Blake)


It looks like the ACLU was behind the orange Gitmo ribbons at the Oscars this year.
The Washington Post reported on Hollywood’s latest stunt:

These represent the orange jumpsuits worn by Guantanamo prisoners, and call for the closing of the prison, and the cessation of a range of controversial U.S. behaviors. But how did do-gooders get this cause to accessorize the glitterati?

Enter Allison Walker, the entertainment industry liaison for the ACLU (whodathunk!?), which sponsors the Close Guantanamo campaign and distributes the ribbons. Walker is a former talent agent who once worked at William Morris. She left the biz after a spiritually cleansing sabbatical studying orangutans in Borneo, at which point she realized she wanted to use her industry connections to do good.

Having worked in the entertainment industry herself, Walker understands the unique plight of the celeb. “They get asked to do so many things for so many causes,” she explained yesterday. The ACLU may have asked regular people “to wear T-shirts with the Close Guantanamo symbol.” But ask Helen Mirren to wear a T-shirt? Horrors! No, the celebs must be handled as delicately as a Nothing Bundt Cake (also in the swag bag this year!). “I like to ask things that are simple and specific,” says Walker. “The ribbon campaign is a very trusted sign in the artistic community.”

So. Walker and her colleague Jenny Egan took out a full-page plea in Variety, which read, in part: “Whether you are walking the picket line, the red carpet or standing on the supermarket line, wear an orange ribbon.”

This is just more reason to continue to boycott the trash from Hollywood.

NewsBusters has more on the Gitmo ribbon campaign.

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