Sen. Warner Calls For Hearing on Obama's Taliban Claims

Warner to Obama- “Bring it.”

Senator John Warner wants an explanation from Obama on his suspect attack on the military from an anonymous source that occurred 5 years ago.

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Senator John Warner (Rep.-Virginia) sent Barack Obama a letter about the claims he made against the military last night during his debate with Hillary Clinton. (Washington Post pdf)

From today’s AP article on the outrageous claims by Senator Obama on the military:


Sen. John Warner, a supporter of likely GOP presidential nominee John McCain, sent Obama a letter Friday asking for details about the platoon and the name and whereabouts of the captain, so he can tell military officials about it at an upcoming hearing. Warner is ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Here is part of Senator Warner’s letter to Obama, via The Washington Post:

Warner — a World War II veteran and former Navy Secretary — has been a staunch advocate for U.S. troops. Warner’s letter to Obama asks the senator to provide “essential facts” about the Army captain’s story, including his personal information, so members of the committee can interview him and others to establish accountability, “depending of course, on the accuracy of the facts.”

“As you well know, we in Congress, under our Constitution, have explicit duties to provide for the welfare of the men and women of our armed forces and members of their families,” Warner wrote. “We have no higher calling. I respectfully ask for your assistance.”

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MISTAKEN MESSIAH!!… Taliban Story An Obamination!

The Weekly Standard Blog says the Senator wants just the “facts” for a hearing next week.

UPDATE: The Belmont Club has more questions for Obama.
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