Rush Limbaugh: A Vote For Huck Is Vote For McCain

Rush Limbaugh was on a roll today…
He obviously did not take Senator McCain’s advice to calm down.

Rush Limbaugh: If the issues (same sex marriage, right to life) were important to him (Mike Huckabee) he would attack McCain and not Romney since McCain is the one against these policies that are important to evangelicals.

There is a certain interest with the McCain campaign in running against elements of their own party than there is in uniting the party against Democrats.
McCain can punish those and stick his thumb in eyes of opponents in the Republican party and not get punished for it but get credit for it.

Rush Limbaugh also commented on the West Virginia voting yesterday:


We know a little bit more here about what happened in West Virginia — and, folks, it underscores what many of us have been saying about collusion between the Huck forces and McCain forces. After the first round of balloting in the West Virginia caucus, nobody got 50%, but Romney led with 41%. Paul was out of it. So it was Romney, it was Huckabee, and then McCain, in that order. What has happened is that McCain forces have joined Huck forces, and that’s how Huckabee has won West Virginia. Now, McCain and Huck forces are denying that there was collusion. But who cares? It doesn’t matter what they say. The fact — what this proves — is that a vote for Huck is a vote for McCain. Because the Huck forces, whether by request from McCain forces or whether on their own, McCain forces decided to throw in with Huck forces en masse. So the combination of McCain forces and Huck forces overwhelm Romney, who had 41%. So a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain.

Charles Hurt says look out for the Left turn.

The People’s Cube has the necessary voter aides.

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