Post-Dispatch Will Correct Attack on LGF & Gateway Pundit

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs today to tell him that they will correct the inaccuracies in their CAIR spin piece they ran yesterday in the paper. The correction will appear in tomorrow’s edition.
Here is part of the email Charles recieved from Adam Goodman Assistant Managing Editor/Metro:

Tim made no characterization whatsoever about your site other than saying it is where some of these comments appeared and that your blog had linked to the local ”Gateway Pundit” blog here.

That is also the reason that he did not feel compelled to get a response from you for this particular story. At issue here were the comments in question, not your blog posting. No one in the article was criticizing or questioning you or your blog or holding you responsible for those comments.

That’s why when I wrote about the anti-Muslim comments posted at the St. Louis Today (Post Dispatch) website I’m not criticizing the Post-Dispatch either.
It was all in good fun.

LawHawk has a recap on the controversy.


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UPDATE: Bob McCarty offers advice for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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