Post-Dispatch Spins For CAIR– Attacks LGF & Gateway Pundit

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch spins the news today for the unindicted co-conspirators in the Hamas funding case, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote an article today on the CAIR threats against Little Green Footballs regarding the Prayer Tower posting on Gateway Pundit yesterday.

The Post-Dispatch quoted CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper in their article. You’d think that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch would know the difference by now between a blog post and a comment on a blog post
Obviously, they don’t:

Mosque threatened, Muslim group saysBy Tim Townsend

ST. LOUIS — A national Muslim civil rights organization has asked the FBI to investigate what it considers threats made on the Internet against a Bosnian mosque in St. Louis.

One blog post cited by the group made reference to vandalism and another to the use of dynamite.

Zachary Lowe, a special agent in the St. Louis office of the FBI, said Tuesday that while he could not confirm an investigation, the bureau “takes all threats against people very seriously, especially religious and ethnic groups.”

The comments were made on at least two blogs and related to a posting about a minaret being built at the mosque. The mosque is the Islamic Community Center, or Madina Masjid, at 4666 Lansdowne Avenue. A minaret is a tower from which the Muslim call to prayer is traditionally sounded.

The author of a blog called “Gateway Pundit: Observations of the World from the heart of Jesusland,” posted three photos of the minaret covered with scaffolding. One of the photos included the caption: “Those calls to prayers ought to go over really well with the people of this South St. Louis neighborhood.”

The “Gateway Pundit” author also cited another blog, Republican Riot, saying the Muslim call to prayer “is to be broadcast several times a day.”

But Madina Masjid’s spiritual leader, Imam Muhamed Hasic, said the minaret is symbolic, not practical. There is no sound system or speakers on the minaret, which is scheduled to be completed next week. He said the minaret will not be used to call Muslims to prayer.

Another blog, called “Little Green Footballs,” linked to the “Gateway Pundit” post, and several comments on “Little Green Footballs,” caused the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations to contact the FBI, said Ibrahim Hooper, the council’s spokesman.

“We ourselves get these kinds of hate messages and threats frequently,” Hooper said. “But you never know who’s just talking and who’s going to carry out some these threats, so you have to check them out.”

On the “Gateway Pundit,” a blogger who identified herself as Kathi, wrote: “It is really hard on us white, non-muslims to have to live with these folks taking over our neighborhood and community. Our government helping these people relocate into America’s heartland is like inviting the enemy into your camp. It’s totally disgusting.”

On “Little Green Footballs,” blogger Amer1can wrote, “Would be a shame if it were to be vandalized or destroyed. Just a shame I tell you….wink wink STL youth.”

Blogger Arthur E. Hippler added: “I suppose dynamite would be considered an extreme response.”

Hasic said he was unaware of the bloggers’ comments about the minaret and that he had heard of no complaints about the structure from people in the neighborhood. He said the mosque would officially celebrate the minaret’s completion next month.

Here is the photo and the “offensive” caption The Post-Dispatch was talking about:

Amazing! (GP Photo)
Those calls to prayers ought to go over really well with the people of this South St. Louis neighborhood.

It’s nice to see that The Post-Dispatch is now carrying water for CAIR.
Hopefully some day they will understand the difference between a blog post and a comment on a blog post.

** Hat Tip to friends Jamie Allman and Crane Durham who were talking about this story on The Allman and Crane Show this morning.

MORE… Local KMOV television is reporting the threats from an “anti-Muslim” internet site.
At least seven other media outlets including FOX Business include this headline:
“Hate Site Comments Suggest Violence Against Missouri Mosque”

UPDATE: Must Read– Cristi Li has more on the CAIR threats.

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