Post-Dispatch Corrects Attacks on LGF & Gateway Pundit

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch corrected their attacks on Little Green Footballs and Gateway Pundit today.
From the corrections section:

Here it is:

Due to an editing error, a story in Wednesday’s Metro section did not correctly describe those making online comments about the Islamic Community Center in St. Louis. The writer Kathi on the blog “Gateway Pundit” and writers Amer1can and Arthur E. Hippler on the blog “Little Green Footballs” had written comments on those blogs. They were not the authors of those blogs.

Charles Johnson will certainly have more to say about this Post-Dispatch/CAIR attack.
LGF wrote about it extensively this week HERE, HERE, and HERE

Ace says, “CAIR pushed a hit into the MSM and the MSM dutifully complied.”


Julia Gorin who posted the first photos of the Islamic tower in St. Louis has more at Political Mavens.

LawHawk and Doug Ross have more.

Gates of Vienna puts a vote in for temperate speech.

Lock and Load sees the feds doing CAIR’s dirty work.

Here again is the Islamic prayer tower being built in South St. Louis City. (GP Photo)

Islamic Prayer Tower Rises Over South St. Louis City
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