One Jerusalem's Monopoly Campaign Makes BBC News

One Jerusalem blog wants the holy city of Jerusalem included in the “world edition” Monopoly game.


One Jerusalem‘s Monopoly campaign made news with the BBC today:

The manufacturers of Monopoly (which, they claim, is the best-selling board game in the world) are holding an online poll to decide which cities should be in their forthcoming “World Edition” of the game.

** You can see the leader board and vote here.

As of 18 February, “Jerusalem, Israel” was fifth on the leader board, sandwiched between “Riga, Latvia” and “Paris, France”.

This is no accident. The campaign group One Jerusalem is determinedly encouraging people to make Jerusalem number one, by the time voting closes at the end of the month.

** See the One Jerusalem campaign page here.

Yehiel Leiter is the director general of One Jerusalem, a group that, in its mission statement, declares a single objective: “Maintaining a united Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.”

The Monopoly campaign, says Leiter, “puts Jerusalem on the table. It has people not avoid Jerusalem because it’s contested”.

One Jerusalem has other campaigns: it is encouraging people to pressurise the orthodox Sephardi Shas party into leaving the governing coalition, and so turn the government which talks of negotiating a potentially Jerusalem-dividing agreement with the Palestinians into a minority administration.

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