Obama Takes the Cheese– Wins Wisconsin Primary

Polls closed at 9:00 PM EST.

Exit polls show voters seek “change.”

FOX News reported this on the exit polls:
–Hillary winning seniors.
–Obama is winning children.
–Voters in last 3 days are leaning to Obama.
–It is tight race in all categories.

McCain is cleaning up in Wisconsin.

Bill Bradley is following the primary action today at Pajamas Media.

While waiting for the polls wait to close, Power Line reported on Obama’s anti-Israel advisors including Samantha Power who Barack sought out himself:

Perhaps Obama can explain which of Powers’ views (as documented by Lasky and Baehr) make her so attractive to him. Is it her view that the Jewish lobby pushed us into war with Iraq (a view that even Walt and Mearsheimer are no longer willing to defend)? Is it her view of Israelis as war criminals whose tactics the U.S. mimics to its detriment in Iraq? Is it her outrage at the way Israel treated the U.N.’s faux peacekeepers in South Lebanon, the ones who stood by while Hezbollah gained a dominant position and used it to commit aggression against Israel? Perhaps it’s simply her willingness to embrace virtually every slander of Israel that can be dredged from the fever swamp, and the hatred of that State this willingness reflects.

Do you suppose the media will touch this?

UPDATE: Ben Smith reports– It looks like Obama is heading to a huge win in Wisconsin.

UPDATE: (9:00 PM CST) McCain wins Wisconsin. The Democratic contest too close to call.

UPDATE: John McCain is giving a great talk after winning Wisconsin. Some will say he is fear–mongering- others will understand the threats we are facing.

UPDATE: FoX News: Obama is the projected winner in Wisconsin.
It is a great speech.

Related: Local writer Julia Gorin put together this book in time for the elections:
Clintonisms: The Amusing, Confusing, and Even Suspect Musing, of Billary (Hardcover)
It looks quite amusing:

You can purchase the book at Amazon.com.

UPDATE: McCain takes Washington. The Democratic race is too close to call.

UPDATE: Clinton fails to congratulate Obama again.

UPDATE: Obama crushes Clinton in Hawaii too- 76-24%.

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