McCain Passes Halfway Mark In Securing Nomination (Updated)

The BBC offered this helpful chart this morning to show where the candidates stand:

Is is over for Mitt Romney?
Mark Steyn thinks it’s a Mormon thing?
That’s disturbing… But he’s probably correct.

The Democratic race is much closer- Obama picked up 606 to Hillary’s 534.

A Second Hand Conjecture has Super Duper Tuesday closing thoughts.


And… Glenn Reynolds, as usual, is the adult in the room- and offers a mature analysis of Super Duper Tuesday’s (disappointing) results.

UPDATE: So how did McCain do it?
Here’s a table with the percentage of votes John McCain collected in each state that he has won so far this primary season:

John McCain is winning an average of 43% of the Republican votes in each state he has won.

Must Read… Babalu’s “Dear John” letter.

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