Massive Explosion In Tabriz, Iran– Possible Missile Facility?

There was a massive explosion today in Tabriz, Iran.

Tabriz is located in northwest Iran. There was a series of protests in the city against the regime in 2006. Tabriz has also been reported as a possible site of a nuclear weapons research facility of unspecified nature and provenance. Approximately 10 kilometers southwest of Tabriz, Iran, is a missile facility.

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The 2nd Tactical Airbase at Tabriz is located at N 38°7’55” E 46°14’25” (38.13194, 46.24028). Here is a shot of that location from this morning (2-25-08) on Google Earth.

The International Herald Tribune reported:

An explosion shook the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz on Monday, but the cause of the blast was not immediately clear, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

Fars said the blast occurred shortly after midday and was felt across the city. It was not clear whether there were any casualties.

“The blast was very strong. It shook the city. But the reason behind the blast is still unknown,” Fars said, without quoting a source.

Tabriz is the capital of Iran’s Northeastern Azerbaijan province.

“The windows of many buildings were shattered from the blast,” the agency said.

The Iranian Regime released this statement:

The explosion heard in Tabriz on Monday has been caused by disposal of waste ammunition.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said that the 31st combat division of Ashura, an affiliate to IRGC, had destroyed the waste ammunition on suburbs of Tabriz.

IRNA reporter in Tabriz said that the explosion was strong enough to cause public anxiety.

Reuters reported that it was at a construction site:

“The workers were blasting the Einali mountain to build a road,” an official in the Tabriz governor’s office told Reuters by telephone.

Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency reported earlier that an explosion shook Tabriz shortly after mid-day.

The official, who asked not to be named, said there were no casualties.

UPDATE: (Tuesday) The Iranian Fars News in English is reporting this morning that the explosion was from roadwork.

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