Iran Says Elbaradei's Report Will Clear Them of Nuclear Charges

Iran claims that UN nuclear watchdog agency chief will clear the regime with his report that is due out in hours.
The Iranian Fars News reported:

The UN nuclear watchdog agency chief will, thus, announce the end of IAEA’s four-year-long probe into Iran’s case, the diplomats said, adding, “ElBaradei will likely announce that according to the survey findings, Iran’s nuclear activities have been peaceful, and thus, the country’s case should be normalized.”

After four years of allegations by the US-led West about the non-peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities and after a long-time ploy by the western countries that the IAEA has not been able to wrap up a probe into the nature of Iran’s nuclear programs, the report to be presented by ElBaradei within hours seems to play a decisive role in annulling west’s claims about Iran’s nuclear drive.

Fars News obtained a copy of Elbaradei’s report on Iran. It is posted in full HERE.

Earlier this week on Wednesday an Iranian dissident group charged that the regime was still developing nuclear warheads.


Meanwhile… Spiegel Online reported that Iran will have enough uranium for a bomb by year’s end.
Hat Tip American Freedom

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