Huck Claims He Is the Conservative Candidate– Then Trashes Conservative Radio?

Too much…
Mike Huckabee (#6 on the Most Corrupt Politicians List) claims that Mitt is playing spoiler for Hillary–
Which in a weird way explains why he is playing spoiler for McCain.
Allahpundit at HotAir has Huck’s latest attack on conservative radio:

Even more amazing than the accusation is the fact that the embed who recorded it buried it in a post about Huck’s dopey Romney/Hillary comparison. Skip ahead to 1:31; the beginning of the question is cut off but it’s clear enough that Hannity, who announced two days ago that he’ll vote for Mitt, is the subject. Huck himself refers to “Sean” in his answer. The background here is that Mitt’s firm, Bain Capital, owns Clear Channel Communications, which in turn owns all sorts of talent, Hannity included. Not until the last few weeks, though, when talk radio broke hard towards Romney to stop McCain (and, before him, Huck) was the Bain/CCC connection an issue. In fact, we’ve gotten several tips to the effect that Bain just recently bought CCC in a last-ditch effort to monopolize the media on Mitt’s behalf; for that lazy smear you can thank HuffPo, which duly repeated it on their site before googling for five seconds and discovering that Bain actually bought CCC back in November 2006. Which means that, per Huck’s theory, Hannity’s supposedly been in the tank for Romney for the past 14 months even while he was giving tons of airtime and admiring buzz to Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson.

Here is what FOX News reported:

Mike Huckabee, frustrated with the argument brought by his rival Mitt Romney , and some conservative commentators, that a vote for Huckabee would split votes from Romney, and help front runner John McCain, fired back, hitting Romney’s record head on.

”Actually a vote for me is a vote for me. A vote for Mitt Romney may be a vote for Hillary Clinton…

This pretty much explains his sploiler positioning for McCain.
HotAir links to the amazing video.


Alice Wills Gold sums up the Huckabee Campaign in a nutshell.

MORE… McCain hates talk radio, too… Just like Huck.

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