Hezbollah Leader Imad Mughniyeh Blown Up in Damascus- Iran Blames Isreal

Imad Mughniyeh, the top militant accused of attacks that left hundreds of Americans and Israelis dead, was blown up in Damascus Hezbollah reported.

In a file photo British soldiers give a hand in rescue operations at the site of the bomb-wrecked U.S. Marine command center near Beirut airport Sunday, Oct. 23, 1983. Imad Mughniyeh, the militant accused of attacks that left hundreds of Americans and Israelis dead, has been killed, Hezbollah said Wednesday Feb. 13, 2008. He was suspected of masterminding the attack on Marine base in Lebanon that killed more than 260 Americans in 1983. (AP Photo/Bill Foley/File)

HERE is a list of attacks blamed on Imad Mughniyeh.


HotAir has a dead terrorist roundup.

Carl in Jerusalem reported that Mughniyeh was carrying out terrorist attacks since he was 14 and has much more on this assassination.

MORE… Iran blamed Israel for Mghniyeh’s “martyrdom”:

Imad Mughniyeh, a very well-known senior official of the Lebanese Hezbollah was martyred in a car bomb in Damascus on Wednesday.

Lebanese political analysts believe that the terrorist blast had been arranged by the Israeli intelligence squad, Mussad.

Hezbollah announced Mughniyeh’s martyrdom in Damascus, and blamed Israel for assassinating him.

Lebanese al-Manar TV in Beirut announced the death saying, “With all pride we declare a great jihadist leader of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon joining the martyrs… the brother commander hajj Imad Mughniyeh”.

Astute Bloggers notes the dueling protests planned for tomorrow in Beirut- HARIRI VERSUS MOUGHNIYAH.
This looks like a dangerous combination.

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