Farrakhan Endorsed Muslim Makes Run For US Congress

The Special Election For Indiana’s 7th District is March 11th.

Andre Carson says his ties to Louis Farrakhan barely exist even though Farrakhan just endorsed him at his grandmother’s funeral.
And… In typical Democratic funeral fashion the occasion turned into an election rally for Andre.
Carson is running for US Congress to replace his grandmother in Indiana’s 7th District.

Contra-Costa Times reported this on Andre’s past:

Carson’s grandmother raised him in a Baptist church and enrolled him at an inner-city Catholic school, where he entertained the idea of becoming a priest. As he grew older, he became interested in Islam, reading the poetry of the Sufi mystic Rumi and “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.”

He converted to Islam more than a decade ago and began attending prayers at Nur-Allah Islamic Center, a predominantly African-American Sunni mosque.

“For me, what appealed to me about Islam was the universal aspect of Islam,” he said. “All faiths teach universality. But with Islam, I saw it regularly in the (mosques), the praying, the different races.”

After Julia Carson died Dec. 15, Louis Farrakhan delivered a eulogy at her funeral, leading some local political bloggers to question Andre Carson’s ties to the controversial Nation of Islam leader.

Carson said the ties barely exist: His mosque is not affiliated with the Nation of Islam. He said he approves of some of the group’s work, including fighting drug use in Indianapolis.

This comes from the Hoosier Access:


This is published in the Indianapolis Star:

“Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan during the service echoed earlier calls for Andre Carson, Julia Carson’s grandson, to succeed her in Washington.

“She lives in the spiritual sense,” he said. “She lives in those whom she touched. She lives in Andre. She wants him to succeed her in service to the people. She wants him to be a good servant.”

Andre Carson won the Democratic primary and will run in Indiana’s special election on March 11.

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