Election Shocker… Republicans Will Paint Far Left Socialist As a Far Left Socialist During General Election


Communist killer Che Guevara pics adorn the walls of this Obama election office.

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that Republicans will actually point out Senator Obama’s Far Left voting record during the general election cycle.

LEADING Republicans believe they can trounce Barack Obama in the presidential election by tarring him as a shady Chicago socialist. They are increasingly confident that his campaign could collapse by the time their attack machine has finished with him.

Grover Norquist, an influential conservative tax reform lobbyist, said: “Barack Obama has been able to create his own image and introduce himself to voters, but the swing voters in a general election are not paying attention yet. He is open to being defined as a leftwing, corrupt Chicago politician”

…Obama has the voting record of a “hard-left” socialist, according to Norquist, from his time in the Illinois state legislature to the US Senate. He was recently judged by the nonpartisan National Journal to have the most liberal voting record in 2007 of any senator.

Dirty Republicans!
How dare they move the election away from his smile.


Astute Bloggers has more on the outrageous Republican tactics.

MORE… Robert Novak sees the hands of Hillary on this Obama=McGovern smear (truth).

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