Democratic Elites Will Pick Presidential Candidate

Rock Scissors Paper…

This is just grand–
The Democrats will get the Clintons and Obama together and “broker a deal”, or cut the cards, or play a game of P-I-G, or something, to pick the next presidential candidate.
CNN Political Ticker reported the latest:

As predictions of a convention floor fight from the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to mount, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said the party would likely intervene to prevent that scenario.

Dean said Democrats would look to “get the candidates together to make some kind of an arrangement” before the party meets in Denver this August to officially select its nominee.

In an interview on NY1 on Tuesday, before the outcome of the day’s votes was known, Dean said he thought the Democratic Party would have a nominee by mid-March or April.

“The idea that we can afford to have a big fight at the convention and then win the race in the next eight weeks, I think, is not a good scenario,” he said.

If there is no nominee selected by his predicted mid-spring date, or by Puerto Rico’s June vote – the last presidential primary on the Democratic calendar – Dean said the party would likely bring both sides together to work out a deal.

Does anyone seriously believe the Clintons will agree to take the second slot on the ticket?
And, watching Obama- Does anyone believe he will agree to take the backseat?
Ugly- This is going to get really ugly.
Maybe there is hope for the Republican Party after all.

Blue Crab Boulevard sees a trap of their own making.

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