Clintonista's Finished– Campaign In Ruins

Tears for Bill and Hillary.
Not even a good pimp could save this sinking ship.

Here’s the story of the year…
Obama Crushes the Clinton’s
Say goodbye to the politics of personal destruction(?)
The New York Sun today reported that the Clinton’s are bracing for their last stand:

With Senator Clinton racking up a string of recent defeats in the Democratic presidential contest, her campaign manager is departing and being replaced by an aide who served as Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff during her years as first lady in the White House.

The installation of the campaign’s new chief, Margaret Williams, and the departure of the former head, Patti Solis Doyle, came as Mrs. Clinton’s rival for the nomination, Senator Obama of Illinois, yesterday swept caucuses in the state of Maine. Mr. Obama won 59% of the delegates to the state convention that will select national delegates, while Mrs. Clinton had 41%, with 91% of the precincts reporting. On Saturday, Mr. Obama also prevailed by healthy margins at caucuses in Nebraska, Louisiana, Washington, and the Virgin Islands.

…During a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton’s communications director, Howard Wolfson, seemed to predict that Mrs. Clinton would maintain her lead in the delegate count, even as Mr. Obama notched some victories this month.

“We think that we are in the pole position because we have a lead overall in delegates. We think it is going to be very difficult for Senator Obama to make up that lead because of the way in which the party allocates its delegates proportionally. So we feel very good about that, but this is going to be a neck and neck contest for the foreseeable future,” Mr. Wolfson told reporters. “Senator Obama does enjoy some advantages in the contests in the rest of February but not in a way that should permit to him to overcome our lead in delegates.”

By last night, however, Mrs. Clinton’s lead in the delegate race already seemed to have evaporated. The CBS News count had Mr. Obama at 1,134 delegates and Mrs. Clinton at 1,131, with 2,025 needed to secure the nomination under current rules. CNN, ABC News, and the Associated Press had Mrs. Clinton narrowly ahead, though it appeared the balance might shift in Mr. Obama’s favor after tomorrow’s primaries in Maryland, Virginia, and the nation’s capital.

Not even a new campaign manager will save this sinking ship.
The young socialist upstart takes down the Clinton dynasty.
How dare he!
The only question remaining is: Will they go down with a a whimper or a bang?

More… Bill Kristol sees the end of the dynasty.


** Henry Gomez breaks down the Republican race.

UPDATE: Hillary today insisted that her campaign was not in tatters.

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