Brrrr… The Disappearing Arctic Ice Is Back And It's Thick

Is it safe to say we’ve been scammed yet?
A record cold January has helped winter sea ice grow across the Arctic.

Temperatures in January set cold weather records and caused the Arctic Sea Ice to expand to its previous levels.
The Financial Post reported:
The Cryosphere reported that the Arctic sea ice is back… and it’s thick.

The disappearing sea ice that was supposedly going to dramatically change the North, if not the world, is back. Thanks to really cold weather — gee, where did that come from?–winter sea ice has been growing across the North. “Clearly we’re seeing the ice coverage rebound back to more near normal coverage for this time of year,” says Gilles Langis, a senior ice forecaster with the Canadian Ice Service in Ottawa.

There goes a good story. And if you doubt me on this, the source is as biased on climate change as sources get: The CBC. And if the weather stays cold, the ice will get even thicker, says the report…

This isn’t the only sign of rising sea ice and extra-cold temperatures. The U.S. National Climatic Date Center reported the other day that temperatures in the United States set cold records in January. “The average temperature in January 2008 was 30.5 F. This is -0.3 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average, the 49th coolest January in 114 years.”

…As for ice, A University of Illinois report showed that Arctic sea ice is back to its previous level.

The American Thinker reported that not only is the ice growing, but it is growing thick.


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