Bill Clinton Smacks Rude Obama Supporter In the Face?

UPDATE: Here’s the video of Bill unhinged from The Morning Joe:

The networks won’t disclose that the man who Bill Clinton confronted is African-American.
Bubba is starting to get like Mike Tyson— People tick him off just to see his reaction.

(Updated with photo)
Bubba Rages in Ohio!

Red-faced Bill Clinton takes on an Obama supporter Robert Holeman (black man with graying hair) after a rally in Canton, Ohio. (Canton Rep)

Obama supporter Robert Holeman came after Bill Clinton today at a high school in Ohio and said that Bill Clinton smacked him in the face.
MSNBC reported:


CANTON, OH — Robert Holeman came to Timken High School here today with a message to deliver to Bill Clinton. He did — and he said the former president wasn’t happy about it.

Clinton spoke to a capacity crowd in this Northeast Ohio town, the third of five events today in the Buckeye State. He told voters that the contest was “the power of speeches against the promise of solutions by a world-class change maker.”

Throughout the event, as Clinton made his case for his wife, Holeman’s dissenting voice could be heard. At times he simply shouted Obama’s name. When Clinton would set up a sure applause line, Holeman could be heard heckling. As soon as Clinton finished speaking, the Canton native made a beeline to the ropeline to give Clinton a piece of his mind.

“I asked the president to please stop the bickering between the campaigns,” Holeman said in an interview afterwards. “All this name calling is like the bully in the yard. He can’t get his way, he can’t get nothing done.” Holeman said he thought Clinton was “gasping for air.”

Holeman said that Clinton responded by saying Obama came after him first. Holeman also described Clinton’s reaction to him as “irate.”

“I think he even hit me in the face with his hand,” he said. “He did give me a little pop. It was okay, because I understand his tenacity for his wife.” Clinton did engage Holeman for a few minutes, at times pointing directly at him. It was unclear whether he did make physical contact, however.

Bubba blows a gasket.

Democratic political professionals worry that former President Bill Clinton is “out of control” and “destroying his wife’s campaign” after he reportedly slapped a heckler at a rally in Ohio and got into a shouting match with another. (Capital Hill Blue)

Here’s more on the heckler from, the only other media source that reported on the Obama supporter in the crowd:

At least one Obama supporter was on hand, and he made himself known early and often. A middle-aged African-American standing near the rear of the gym, he periodically yelled out ”Obama” throughout the long wait and several times during Clinton’s speech. Most of the crowd ignored him, and he was not confronted, but Clinton seemed annoyed.

Don Surber has today’s Bill Clinton temper joke.

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