Ann Coulter: "If Hillary Is Elected At Least We Get the Silverware Back"

Ann Coulter wasn’t invited to CPAC this year but she’s still giving a speech 50 yards away.
Townhall has the live video stream on right now (3:30 CST PM).

Ann Coulter: “If Hillary is elected at least we get the White House silverware back.”

Q: What if McCain gets in and changes his mind on amnesty, puts in a conservative Supreme Court Justice, etc?
Coulter: How about this- If that happens I will marry you.


Coulter: Mitt Romney was ruthlessly attacked by the MSM because he was the strongest candidate.

Coulter: At least the four justices we like are the young ones. John McCain would not even look for an Alito- He’s too conservative.

Q: What about Ron Paul?
Coulter: We can’t be an isolationist country as long as there are airplanes.

Coulter: If Romney is the VP I will vote for McCain.

Q: Our party will lose through this division.
Coulter: McCain is a very weak candidate. Maybe you’ll convince me and I’ll change my mind and I’ll be called a flip-flopper. McCain is weak on foreign policy. How do you explain him wanting to close down Gitmo? Waterboarding, half the FOX news hosts have done it, and McCain is hysterical about it? It’s not a good sign. I do truly hate the Clintons so it is possible I could change my mind.

Q: Huckabee?
Coulter: I think of Huckabee- I think he’s kind of a swordswallower(?) He has more of a higher tax record than Romney in Taxachusetts or Rudy in the Soviet Union. He was so vicious to Romney and sucked up to McCain (See Jeff Goldstein). If he was a conservative then he would have been attacking McCain. The really big thing is that he wanted to give instate tuition to illegal immigrants.

Q: Rudy?
Coulter: I said I could never vote for him, but he’s a lot more conservative than what he said. He’s very smart- and Romney. Very high IQ and that counts a lot.

Q: Have you ever dated a liberal before?
Coulter: They’re not liberal for long.

Q: This year.
Coulter: This campaign season they were constantly running down Romney and building up McCain.

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