American Traitor Adam Gadahn Still Missing– Al-Qaeda Worried

The Al-Qaeda communication’s guy is missing.
Al-Qaeda’s getting worried.

The FBI added Adam Gadahn to the Most Wanted Terrorist list and the U.S. State Department is offering a reward up to $1 million for his arrest.

The Al-Qaeda communication’s guy Adam Gadahn is missing and the Taliban is worried.
If he was in US custody The New York Times surely would have leaked the news by now.
This is serious- Al-Qaeda is missing their California kook.
MSNBC has the latest:

U.S. intelligence officials have heard the same rumors, but tell NBC News that they have no information to suggest Gadahn is dead. They specifically deny that Gadahn was killed in the same Predator missile attack that killed al-Qaida’s #4, Abu Laith al-Libi, last week near the town of Mir Ali in Pakistan’s North Waziristan province. Gadahn was visiting Mir Ali at the time, according to a local man who describes himself as a friend of Gadahn’s.

Jihadist sources on the Pakistan side of the border are telling local journalists they are worried. One who described himself as a “very close friend” of Gadahn said the 28-year-old California native had until recently been spending most of his time in the populated areas of South Waziristan, near the towns of Wana, Azam Warsak and Shahkai.

The same friend said Gadahn had left for North Waziristan a week before the Predator attack in Mir Ali, where he was supposed to attend “an important meeting”. The friend said that, after the Predator attack on January 31, they lost “all contact” with Gadahn.

“All our friends are worried about him but so far we could not make any contact with him. We had sent two of our friends to Mir Ali to locate him and provide us with details about him,” the supposed friend explained.

He added that other militants who traveled with Gadahn also were missing.

Howie at The Jawa Report has more on tape maker.
Bill Roggio has more from his contacts.


Pakistan News: American Traitor Adam Gadahn Is Dead!

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