Shhh… Obama Most Liberal Senator

Who let the dogs out?
This wasn’t supposed to made public. This election was supposed to be about CHANGE, charisma, looks, crying, and… more CHANGE!
The Politico reports, via Drudge:

National Journal rates Obama the single “most liberal” member of the Senate last year, spotlighting some policy differences, as well writing GOP attack ad if he’s the nominee, but perhaps also a helpful note in consolidating support on the left now.

There are some details of their ratings here (.pdf), which include a couple of interesting differences.

Clinton voted against “an immigration bill amendment, co-sponsored by Obama, to remove a rule requiring temporary workers to go back to their countries in between two-year job stints in the United States.”

And Obama missed the vote on “a student aid bill amendment [backed by Clinton] to provide immunity from discrimination lawsuits to people who report suspicious activity potentially related to terrorism.

HotAir— “Nonpartisan avatar of hope and healing somehow has most liberal voting record in Senate.”

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