Parade Shocker!… Rose Bowlers Fling Objects at Code Pink Protesters (Video)

Sadly, the Rose Parade watchers launched insults and garbage at the Code Pink protesters at the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.

Cindy Sheehan lived to tell about the assault of the Rose Bowlers.

Cindy was not pleased that they were flinging objects at her band of true patriots.

Cindy Sheehan, the candidate for those brave enough to sit on their hands during the national anthem, was not pleased with this rude reception she received after her protest at the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day.
BCImpeach website posted the video:

Cindy Sheehan described the insulting reception she received from the Rose Parade watchers:


I saw people that say that they were patriots throwing things on our (Code Pink) constitution and calling us traitors. It’s OK in America to disagree with eachother but we should all rally around this document (Code Pink constitution) here.

We the people- people of color, women, we should all be behind it and claim it.

This one man couldn’t tell us why he was protesting us. I’m like, don’t you like the (Code Pink) constituion? And, he just called me the stupidest b*tch that ever lived. So that’s their defense. They can’t defend what George Bush and Dick Cheney are doing so they call us names.

…We are the true patriots because we want to protect all the babies of the world not just white, Christian American babies but all the babies of the world.”

It was a rough day for the Code Pink constitution.

The parade watchers did not respect the Code Pink constitution. They threw things at the protesters after the parade.

A Cindy Sheehan fan stopped by earlier to express their adoration for the world’s bravest freedom fighter:

I appreciate the coverage you gave Cindy and the brave souls who are standing up to the sick status quo. If you wouldn’t have posted this I wouldn’t have known about it. Your efforts to discredit Sheehan have elevated her and our cause. I pray that you find the seeds of your joy and your anger and develop deep understanding of yourselves. Thanks again and all the best to those who are brave enough to sit during the National Anthem and protest this fascist state that has formed while the status quo majority sat on their lazy, frightened hands. Three cheers for Cindy!!!

BG adds the appropriate response:

Sufferin’ Succotash… If it isn’t Dr. Reverend Touchy Feely from Bass Ackwards, Loonylibland.

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