Pakistanis Continue To Flee to Afghanistan As Violence Escalates

“Our bill calls for the redeployment of U.S. troops out of Iraq so that we can focus more fully on the real war on terror, which is in Afghanistan.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
March 8, 2007

Democrats may be a bit off in their foreign policy assessment again.
Pakistanis continue to flee to Afghanistan to escape the violence at home.
The BBC reported:

Thousands of Pakistanis have fled into Afghanistan with the security situation deteriorating in Pakistan’s tribal regions over the past week.

Hundreds of families, comprising some 6,000 mainly women and children, have been crossing the border.

The UN refugee agency says clashes between Pakistan’s Shia and Sunni groups have forced people to flee.

It is the first time so many people have crossed this way as for years it was Afghans fleeing fighting.

The Astute Bloggers says there is a major conflict brewing in the tribal regions.

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