NYT's Honors Iraqi Combat Journalist- Michael Yon

From a publication that consistently leaks classified security information and reported 32 consecutive front page stories on the Abu Ghraib “atrocities” while refusing to acknowlege Al-Qaeda torture and bombings except to somehow blame the US or democracy for the tragedy— This was a refreshing retreat from their regular anti-military smears:

Frontline Blogger Covers War in Iraq With a Soldier’s Eyes

“The easiest thing in the world to write about is combat, because all the drama is there,” said Mr. Yon, a fit, ruddy-faced 43-year-old who was a Special Forces soldier more than two decades ago. He insists that he still does not really know the rules of journalism, but says he has recently, grudgingly, accepted that he has become a journalist.

His detailed, mostly admiring accounts of front-line soldiers’ daily work have won him a loyal following, especially among service members and journalists and bloggers who follow the war. One of his photographs showing an American soldier cradling an Iraqi girl injured in a car bombing (the girl later died) appeared on Time magazine’s Web site and was later voted one of top images of the year by visitors.

There’s much more at The New York Times and at Michael Yon’s Online Magazine.

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