Musharraf Says Bhutto To Blame For Assassination


Amy Procter has the video.

Musharraf blames Benazir Bhutto for her death for standing up with her head outside the car.

What was she thinking?

In a crowd of hundreds of thousands and her car barely inching its way out of the masses Benazir stuck her head outside of the sun roof?
Musharraf talked with 60 Minutes on Bhutto’s assassination:


Musharraf also thinks Bhutto made a mistake by going to the area where she was killed, where a former prime minister had previously been assassinated. And it wasn’t the first time Bhutto had tried to hold a rally there.

“We again had intelligence that this is a dangerous place and there’s a likelihood of a suicide attempt. We asked her not to go,” Musharraf says. “She insisted she will go. We stopped her. And we got such a poor – flak – we got flak from all over the world, from media, from Western media.”

“From the U.S.?” Logan asks.

“From everywhere,” Musharraf explains.

The night of the assassination, Musharraf believes Bhutto broke a basic rule of security in a crowded charged political rally: to be particularly careful when leaving.

She should have just gone and moved fast, gone and waved, yes. But if you’re standing and — because you are vulnerable. You’re vulnerable and people are charging,” Musharraf says. “And all the film that you see, people are charging. Now, when people are there by the hundreds swarming around you, this man is one of them. Who can check these people at that stage?”

“And the mistake she made, if I understand you correctly, was stopping?” Logan asks.

“Yes. But then the mistake was not that,” Musharraf says. “I mean, God was kind — she went into the car in spite of the fact that she was waving and all that. She did go into the car. Now is the point. Why did she stand outside the car?”

“Why did she stand up in the hatch?” Logan asks.

“Entirely. Who’s to blame?” Musharraf replies.

And, yet her supporters say that Musharraf is to blame?

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto speaks during her last public rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Thursday, Dec. 27, 2007. (AP)

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