Michigan Republican Primary –2008 Update: Romney Wins!

The Michigan Republican Primary is wrapping up.
Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney are the early leaders in the exit polling.

Dean Barnett wrote about his friend Mitt Romney today at The New York Times.

Michelle Malkin is following the election news tonight.


Meanwhile… On the democratic front a former Democratic Senator is comparing the Clintonistas to the Soviet Regime.
And… John McCain is promising not to drill in ANWR.

Zogby had McCain up by 1 in its final poll.
Reuters reported:

FOX News reported that the African-Americans are voting “uncommitted” rather than voting for Hillary Clinton.
20% of Independents are voting for Ron Paul.

MORE… Hillary is getting TROUNCED by “uncommitted” black voters!
— Hillary Clinton is only getting 25% of ballot and “uncommitted” is getting 69% of the black vote.
The AP is reporting that 7 in 10 voted Republican.

This could be a VERY BIG NIGHT!
Will Daily Kos get that very rare win tonight?

(8:00 PM CST) FOX News is reporting that Mitt Romney has won the Michigan Republican Primary.

Hugh Hewitt has numbers on tonight’s election.

CONGRATULATIONS to Governor Romney!

Rudy Giuliani congratulated Mitt Romney.

Doug Ross has an exciting roundup on the Michigan Democratic primary results.

The Romney Campaign posted Mitt’s victory speech on YouTube.

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