McCain Says He Has Not Changed His Position On Immigration

Earlier today Victor Davis Hanson wrote that conservatives are starting to warm up to John McCain due to his “changed views on closing the border,” etc., via Instapundit:

McCain is starting to show a certain attraction to many bedrock conservatives that must be based on his war record and service, and this trumps their worries about his less than conservative fides — or at least allows them to accept McCain’s won’t-make-that-mistake-again changed views on closing the border, tax cuts, etc. Privately many conservative voters have looked at the polls and know McCain does best against the Democrats.

But, Victor Davis Hanson must have missed the John McCain interview last night after his big win in South Carolina.
This is what Senator McCain told Sean Hannity:

Sean Hannity: (To Senator McCain) Do you think your willingness to change your position towards securing the border first helped a lot?

John McCain: Actually, I didn’t change my position…

That doesn’t sound like a changed position.
**HotAir posted the video.

That certainly doesn’t sound like a “won’t-make-that-mistake-again changed view” from the Senator.


Senator McCain’s line about lowering taxes during his victory speech was a bit confusing, too– considering he did not vote for the Bush tax cuts.
Obviously, conservatives are worried after McCain’s win.

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