John McCain Wins Media Vote In a Landslide! (Video)

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Guess who the media loves?
The New York Times endorses Senator John McCain.

And… TIME Magazine leads with–
The Resurrection Of John McCain

Well, one Republican stands alone in the eyes of the media.
My word… Have you ever seen a spread like this for any Republican?
TIME Magazine reported on the resurrection of John McCain today:

In war and in politics, John McCain has endured more than his share of near death experiences. He’s been shot out of the sky and held captive, hung from ropes by his two broken arms and beaten senseless. This is his second run for President; he lost before, has nearly lost again and has been all but disowned by his party. So on the night of South Carolina’s Republican primary, when the victory he needed to keep his campaign alive seemed as if it might be slipping away once again, McCain stood silent amid the chaos of his crowded hotel suite, his eyes fixed on the television screen. The normally loquacious Senator, who is rarely silent and hates to miss a punch line, was tuning the rest of the room out. Rumors that the primary was about to be called for McCain had fizzled, supplanted by whispers that Mike Huckabee had taken a slim lead in the ballot count. For a moment, it all seemed as though it were going to fall down again.

But the announcement came: “McCain wins South Carolina!” The room erupted in cheers; McCain’s wife Cindy dissolved into tears; and the candidate’s pale, scarred, 71-year-old face spread into a triumphant grin. “Whether it was because of what happened eight years ago in South Carolina or because his campaign was declared dead last July, I don’t know,” says Mark Salter, McCain’s adviser, speechwriter and alter ego. “But he was as happy as I’ve ever seen him.” The old warrior in McCain has learned to savor every battle won because he knows it could be the last.

McCain has traveled a long road to get where he is now, positioned as the ever-so-slight front runner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Last summer his once formidable campaign all but collapsed in debt and acrimony, with even his closest friends and advisers questioning whether he should bother marching on.

WOW! Could they shake their pom-poms just a little bit more?
That was like a TIME Obama or Clinton fluff piece. It’s not every day you see a conservative get that kind of treatment from the corrupt MSM.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell loves McCain’s “conservative” economic record from her comments after the Republican Presidential Primary Debate in Florida:

Too much!
Whenever a media elite starts endorsing a candidate’s conservatism it should always raise a red flag.
By the way… Senator McCain voted for higher taxes more than 50 times.
…Not so conservative.

More… Mark Levin disagrees with TIME Magazine on Senator McCain.

Related… Even his beautiful mother knows that Senator McCain has no support from the conservative base.

UPDATE: Here’s another McCain endorsement that gives one pause- Bill Clinton says Hillary and John McCain are very close.

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