Iraqi Officials Release More Outstanding Security Numbers

The good security news continues to roll in from Iraq.

Numbers from
Only 14 of the US fatalities in December were from hostile fire.

Now, here are more numbers released this week by Iraqi officials:

** Militant incidences have declined 70-90%
** Assassinations down by 79%
** Kidnappings down by 72%
** Car bombs declined 75%
** Injuries amongst police have declined 23%
** Injuries amongst police army 28%
** Injuries amongst police civilians 32%


Charlie Foxtrot has more good news on the Iraqi surge numbers.

Numbers from

The following is a translation by Iraqi-American Haider Ajina from a headline and article in Buratha News on December 29, 2007:

Iraq Interior Ministry is preparing for an August take over of security responsibility for Baghdad.

Today the Iraq interior ministry announced, that it is preparing for an August of 2008 take over of security responsibility for Baghdad . This is because in 2007 militant incidences have declined 70-90%, assassinations by 79% and kidnappings by 72%.

General Abdul Kariem Khalaf chief of National Central Command in the interior ministry said in a press conference today Saturday, “Iraq Interior Ministry is preparing for an August take over of security responsibility for Baghdad”. He also pointed out the large decline in militant activity since the surge or operation Rule of Law in Baghdad and surrounding areas.

He said, “Militant incidences have declined 70-90% from June to December, assassinations by 79% and kidnappings by 72%. Unknown bodies found are now between 3-5 per day which is not alarming. Injuries amongst police have declined 23% Army 28% and civilians 32%. Much of this decline is due to neighboring countries (Syria and Saudi Arabia) have seriously started controlling their boarders and reduce foreign fighters coming across the border. We built 580 boarder crossing look out posts.”

He said, ‘We have concentrated operation rule of law since February in Baghdad. Thus car bombs declined 75% from June to December, we completed 200 sorties. Thus terrorist activity has moved north, which is the next battle, as many Iraqi security officials have said’.

…He added, “In the capital Baghdad the interior ministry has absorbed 1758 men of the Abu-Ghrab awakening council and 3,253 in Mansur, all have joined the police force. The ministries plan is to absorb 12,641 further by April.”

He added, “The interior ministry has created three new security offices. The first to monitor the police (internal affairs). The second is criminal investigation office to resolve crimes. The third is information and investigation office with its goal to help shore up the police in fighting out-law groups such as Al-Qaeda.

Haider Ajina comments:

Numbers showing the success of the surge or operation rule of law are coming out weekly, with monthly numbers confirming much of the news from the Iraqi media. The numbers confirm the tremendous positive effect the surge and police and army training has had on the security situation in Iraq. The awakening councils are now having their own members absorbed into the police and Army. This will prevent tribal police or tribal militia developing. The outlaws are being forced north while their numbers and financial backing is being reduced substantially. The awakening councils thanks to and along with our forces in the north are ready and prepared to confront the terrorists and outlaws heading their way.

Haider Ajina

Michael Totten has more good news today from Fallujah.

UPDATE: John Edwards is the latest democrat to call for withdrawing troops from Iraq. …But, at the rate things are going- that won’t mean anything when the next president takes office.
The war will already have been won.

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