Iran Hangs Bloodied Man While Still On Stretcher (Photo)

Iran beat a Kurdish prisoner bloody and then hung him while he was still on a stretcher.

Kurd Net says that Hassan Hikmat Demir was arrested last year during demonstrations against the regime in Iran and hung late last month. The photo of his execution was just published in the Kurdish newspaper Asu.

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(Solidarite Ouvriere)

Iran performed a partucularly brutal hanging in the Khoi jail in western Iran.
The regime hung a bloodied prisoner while still on a stretcher.
ADN Kronos reported:


A Turkish citizen has been hanged in Iran while still on the stretcher that was used to transport him from the prison hospital to his execution in the Khoi jail in western Iran.

Hassan Hekmat Demir, was believed to be a member of the Kurdish group, PJAK, the Iranian branch of the Kurdish militant group PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party).

A photo of his execution was published in the Kurdish magazine Asu.

Hekmat Demir, a Kurd with Turkish citizenship, was arrested two months ago, after he was found almost frozen to death by a platoon of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

He was accused of terrorism and of being a member of an armed group. His trial proceeded in the absence of a lawyer and he was condemned to death by hanging.

Earlier today the regime in Iran condemned President Bush for the dreadful torture techniques at Gitmo.

Iranian News also reported last week that they would flog and hurl 2 youths from a cliff in the coming days for their crimes.

The Jawa Report notes that the regime in Iran is off to a roaring start this year, already executing 21 people.

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