Iran Brings in New Year With 13 Executions- Including Hanging Death of Young Mother Raheleh Zamani

Iran opened the new year with the executions of 13 prisoners.

Kamangir reported the executions of 13 Iranians, 8 of whom were hung up in the notorious Evin Prison.

Iran Focus has more on the executions.

The mass executions are often held in the public square. Many times the prisoners are ridiculed on the way to their death.
Iran Press News Persian posted video (HERE) of a recent mass hanging in Iran.
(Warning: It is very disturbing.)
Phyllis Chesler reported on the hanging death of Raheleh Zamani at Pajamas Media:

It was snowing in Teheran when they hung the twenty seven year-old mother of two children earlier today in the notorious Evin Prison. From the moment she was arrested, she had not been allowed to ever see her children again. Her name was Raheleh Zamani and she had been married off when she was only 15 years old. The political campaign to halt or commute her execution failed.

…According to one report, “her in-laws watched the grim proceedings as she was hanged along with eleven other human beings.”

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