Hillary Heckled– Protesters Want Shirts Ironed (Video)

UPDATE: The two pranksters work for a Boston radio show Toucher and Rich.

A man disrupts Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign event by standing up and holding a sign reading “Iron My Shirt” at Salem High School January 7, 2008 in New Hampshire. (The Swamp)

The two young protesters were conveniently sitting near the front of the room. Hillary asked to bring up the lights in order for them to be seen.

Mary Katharine Ham was there and questioned the timing.
Michelle Malkin calls B.S.


** Here’s the video from FOX News.

Here’s one of the young men looking for a woman and an iron:


Here’s one video of the sexist attack on brave Hillary:

Notice that the protesters just walk out without a fuss. They obviously did not get their training from Code Pink.

UPDATE: From the New York Daily News, via World and Global Politics Blog:

Nick Gemelli, who is 21, and born at least a decade after “iron my shirts” was an anti-women’s rights slogan, didn’t have much of a rationale. “I just don’t think a woman should be President,” he said.

He couldn’t really say why, but he agreed that he was a health care voter, as the sticker on his carrying case implied. The “Hillary for President” sticker was a bit more of a puzzle.

He said he had just been given both and peeled them off. He said he had no connection to any campaign.

At least he got some attention. His friend — a la Bart Simpson — said his name was Hugh Jas, but The Mouth later learned that his real name is Adolfo Gonzalez Jr.

Update: Adolfo apparently has a MySpace page that says he is a Republican who doesn’t do drugs or have a girlfriend, and calls himself “Captain Fun.” He did seem to enjoy himself more than Nick

Michelle Malkin discovered that the two pranksters are interns from a Boston radio show:

Reader Ron points to a Wikipedia entry that points to a possible radio prank. The hecklers had been identified by the NYDailyNews earlier in the day as Nick Gemelli and Adolfo Gonzalez–but the paper did not make the connection with the radio show. As Ron points out, the Wikipedia entry lists “Intern Nick” and “Adolfo” as staffers for a Boston radio station show called “The Toucher and Rich Show”.

Here’s the home page for the Toucher and Rich Show:

That’s Adolfo Gonzalez Jr. on the left.
The show’s shock jocks have previously been known to screw with the (women’s rights)protesters at the Masters. JunkYardBlog says it’s the same guy who held up the sign at the Masters.

Same guys.
Allahpundit has more on the pranksters.

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