Hardliners Leave Olmert's Ruling Coalition

One Jerusalem suspected this would happen yesterday… And, it did.
The Yisrael Beiteniu Party members announced today that they are leaving the ruling Kadima government coalition over Olmert’s plans to divide Jerusalem.
The BBC reported:

An Israeli right-wing party has pulled out of the coalition government in protest at the starting of peace talks on core issues with the Palestinians.

Yisrael Beitenu leader Avigdor Lieberman said the land-for-peace talks would lead to Israel’s destruction.

Despite its departure, the coalition still retains a parliamentary majority (67 of 120 seats).

However, it is only by seven seats, meaning Ehud Olmert’s government is now vulnerable to any similar withdrawal by the religious party Shas.

Shas has 12 seats and has also threatened to leave the coalition over the issue of peace talks.

UPDATE: One Jerusalem has more on today’s news.
Hat Tip BG

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