Green's Board Whaling Ship & Throw Acid– Find Themselves Tied to Ship's Railing in Antarctica… Update: Offered Whale Meat For Dinner

Sadly… Two Green activists who threw acid at a Japanese whaling ship and then stormed aboard, found themselves tied to the icy railing outside in the Antarctic air and held prisoner.

The Japanese say they wanted to release the green activists but oddly enough no one has come to pick them up.

What started out as sheer elation quickly became a freezing nightmare.
Reuters has video of the activists storming the Japanese ship:


Global Incident Map and the BBC reported:

Two protesters have been taken into custody after they boarded a Japanese whaling vessel in the Antarctic.

The Sea Shepherd campaign group said the two – a Briton and an Australian – had been assaulted and tied to the radar mast by the Japanese crew.

They said they wanted charges of kidnap to be filed in Australia.

Minoru Morimoto, of the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR), admitted the pair had been detained but denied they had been assaulted or harmed.

He said the Sea Shepherd’s accusations that the two men were tied up were “completely untrue”.

“It is illegal to board another country’s vessels on the high seas. As a result, at this stage, they are being held in custody while decisions are made on their future,” he added.

The two – Australian Benjamin Potts and Briton Giles Lane – boarded the Yushin Maru 2 from the Sea Shepherd vessel the Steve Irwin.

UPDATE: The Japanese insisted they treated the “ice pirates” well and even offered them a delicious meal of whale meat.

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