FOX News South Carolina Republican Debate

Mitt Romney was terrific in defending his Massachusetts record on Right to Life issues. You have to admit he does look and sound presidential.

Fred Thompson comes alive– Blasts Mike Huckabee on his brand of conservatism.
Here’s the video:

Ron Paul actually made sense when he was talking about spending but then he flipped quickly into Crazy Uncle Ron when he started talking foreign policy.

Hell no!! Ron Paul pulls the Gulf of Tonkin line from his back pocket!… Paul also says the CIA is already working to overthrow the Iranian Regime.
Brit Hume just corrected Paul on his reaction to the other Republicans on the stage noting that the candidates put their faith in the commanders of the ships.


John McCain gets applause for reminding the crowd of the anniversary of the successful surge. He suggests that General David Petraeus should be “Man of the Year.” –more applause.

Ron Paul continues to suck the life out of the Republican debates… He is crazy. Nuts. He always reminds me of a far Left loon.

Fred Thompson- “You can tell the news is good coming out of Iraq because The New York Times is reporting on it less and less.”

I honestly did not like Fred’s virgin’s line, though…
It would be hard for a US President to deal with Islamic nations with an attitude like that.

Governor Huckabee says he “raised hope” when asked about his record of raising taxes.

Here’s a comment from the Powerline Forum that I agree with: “McCain wants jobs training to deal with mfg jobs leaving. That’s a Dem answer.”
Creating a “business freindly environment” is a Republican answer.

HERE is video of Rudy from the debate tonight.

Michelle Malkin and HotAir are following the debate.
Instapundit has several updates.

Governor Huckabee nails the Christianity question: “I will practice my faith whether I am president or a private citizen.”

Representative Paul on the question of electability… do you have any?”

Uh-Oh. They’re moving on to immigration– say goodnight, John.

Rudy Giuliani gave a terrific response in explaining his record on immigration. People don’t give Rudy and Governor Romney enough credit for the great work they did in very liberal environments.

The FOX News focus group chose Fred Thompson as tonight’s winner and Ron Paul as the loser.
Kathryn Jean Lopez agreed.

UPDATE: Don Surber has good things to say about Rudy.

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