Figures– Soros Funded the Anti-Military Lancet Study

There’s another face behind the discredited Lancet Study.
This took the media a year to discover.

The Times Online is reporting that anti-military/Anti-Bush George Soros was the money man behind the grossly inaccurate Lancet-Johns Hopkins study that claimed that 650,000 civilians had been slaughtered in Iraq since the start of the war.

Soros provided nearly half of the funding for the study.
Surely no Democratic politicians knew about this at the time of the report’s release right before elections last year. Surely.

The Jawa Report notes that, of course, it took nearly a year for this information to come out.


Blue Crab Boulevard aptly describes it as a “bought and paid for political hit job.”

QUESTION: Did Soros also fund the Lancet Study in 2003 that also had a ridiculously high number of Iraqi fatalities?

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Related News… More disgusting military bashing at The New York Times.
Armed Liberal notes that the NYT numbers on soldiers committing murder is three times less than numbers you see in the general population.

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