Democratic Candidates Squirm to the Iraqi Surge Dance

Charles Gibson at the ABC New Hampshire Presidential Debate:

“So I want to ask all of you. Are any of you ready to say that the surge has worked?”

You’ve got to love the way that question was phrased.
ABC News commentator Charles Gibson gave the Democratic presidential candidates a thorough tongue lashing over their (wrong) stands on the Iraq War and in particular on their continual insistence that the troop surge had not worked. ABC started the segment with a video clip showing the remarkable success of the Bush troop surge.

The democrats still couldn’t admit it even though the facts were just laid out in front of them.


This was great fun to watch.
After listening to Bill Richardson and Senator Clinton, Gibson even stopped the debate and corrected the two!
Watch the democratic candidates squirm in their seats as Gibson breaks things down for them:

Of course, Hillary Clinton is still sticking with her “willing suspension of disbelief” line against General Petreaus come hell or high water.

Related… In reality Dr. Sanity points out the Real Audacity of Hope— the fact that casualty numbers are at historic lows and that 90% of Iraqi casualties are inflicted by other Iraqis or insurgents.
Hat Tip Larwyn

UPDATE: Darthmeister adds this on the willing suspension of disbelievers:

Actually I’m willing to engage in some suspension of disbelief regarding Democrats being rationally fair-minded about those they disagree with. What happened to all their vaunted virtues about celebrating the differences of opinion, cooperation, and being at peace with those they disagree with. If in the face of overwhelming facts which contradict their year-long whine about “America losing in Iraq” or “the surge won’t work” the Donks freakin’ can’t get along with their own countrymen who don’t bow the knee to their mind-numbing secular liberalism, then how are these people going to usher in “world peace” when they are in control?

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