DeCapiGate 3? Another Bogus Headless Body Story From Iraq

DeCapigate 1: 20 Headless Bodies Found in near Salman Pak June 2007
DeCapiGate 2: 20 Decapitated Bodies Found near Khalis October 2007
DeCapiGate 3?: 10 Decapitated Bodies Found near Miqdadiya January 2007

The mainstream news today is reporting that 10 headless bodies were found in Iraq in Diyala province near Muqtadya.

CNN reported on the atrocity.
AFP reported that, “Several of the recovered heads appeared to have been badly charred.”
The BBC reported that all the bodies were males.

The report sounded strangely familiar to earlier beheading reports from Iraq.
And, like earlier reports, this story has not been confirmed from MNF-Iraq:



We have contacted the division with that area of responsibility. They do not have any reports to confirm the media reporting below. If we receive any information to the contrary, we will pass it to you immediately.

Very respectfully,

MNF-I Press Desk

It looks like this may be another DeCapiGate in the making.
(This will be updated as information becomes available.)

UPDATE: (4:30 PM CST) MNF-Iraq still have no reports of the 10 headless bodies.

Bob Owens says- dead.

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