Clinton & Obama Argue Over a "Who's More Pro-Abortion" Ad

It’s Come To This…
The Clinton Campaign is attacking Obama over a recent pro-abortion message that is playing in New Hampshire.
The campaigns are now arguing over a “Who’s more pro-abortion” ad.
The Caucus reported:

The Clinton campaign is crying foul over recorded phone calls being made to New Hampshire residents that are sponsored by the Obama campaign, claiming the so-called robo-calls may have violated a state law regulating such messages.

The campaign complained that one series of calls did not identify the sponsor within the requisite 30 seconds (identification came 8 seconds later) nor did it avoid reaching residents who have registered with the state’s “Do-Not-Call” list.

The Obama campaign insisted that it had followed all the rules, and would double-back to make sure its list had been scrubbed of those on the “do-not-call” registry. And the law itself cited by the Clinton campaign said it doesn’t apply to “presidential preference primaries.”

But it’s a sign of the times that calls and fliers and charges and countercharges will be flying around fast and furious.

Here’s the text of the call itself, provided by the Obama campaign upon our request:
Hi, this is Wendy Frosh, chair of the board of Planned Parenthood, Northern New England.

As people have begun to rally around Barack Obama’s call for change, the false attacks have begun. As a leader and activist on reproductive rights for more than 20 years, I know the facts. Barack has a 100 percent pro-choice record, and has always been a champion for women’s rights. Hillary Clinton¹s last-minute smears won’t protect the right to choose. But as president, Barack Obama will.

Howard Wolfson, a top aide to Senator Clinton, said in a conference call with reporters in calling for the calls to be halted: “Senator Obama likes to talk about campaign reform, about reform, but in this instance and others, he has not followed through with action.”

Remember, your vote does make a difference.

Meanwhile… Obama rockets past Clinton in New Hampshire.

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