Bubba Bites Back!… Snaps at Barack Obama

“Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not, and a way that Bill Clinton did not. We want clarity, we want optimism, we want a return to that sense of dynamism and entrepreneurship that had been missing.”

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)
January 16, 2008

Don’t think for a minute that Bill Clinton was going to let some upstart Democrat slam him on his lackluster and divisive record.
Bill Clinton’s ego is way too big for that.

Today the impeached former president joined his wife and John Edwards and slammed Barack Obama for praising Ronald Reagan and for slighting him…
And, of course, in typical Clintonian style, he misrepresents what Barack said.
MSNBC reported:


“Her principal opponent said that since 1992, the Republicans have had all the good ideas,” Clinton told a crowd in Pahrump this morning. “It goes along with their plan to ask Republicans to become Democrats for a day and caucus with you tomorrow, and then go back and become Republicans so they can participate in the Republican primary. I’m not making this up, folks.”

He then asked which ideas were better in the last 15 years “than the new ideas I brought to Washington,” outlining issue-by-issue where Republicans stood on his accomplishments.

“I can’t imagine any Democrat seeking the presidency would say they were the party of new ideas for the last 15 years. But it sounded good in Reno I guess,” he said. “So now it turns out you can choose between somebody who thinks our ideas or better or the Republicans had all the good ideas.”

Clinton, sporting a bright orange tie, said his wife’s campaign is “stock-full of new ideas,” and also that she has brought about real results for others her whole life. “So you have a choice,” he said. “Do we have to start all over again and say thank you very much all those people who fought those against the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.., Or do we want someone who’s a proven change maker?”

Of course, one could very well argue that many of the accomplishments from Clinton’s presidency were based on GOP ideas. Welfare reform. NAFTA and free trade. And an emphasis on tax cuts.

Is there any doubt?
Barack Obama owns the Clintons.

Hillary & Edwards Blast Obama Over Reagan Comments (Video)

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