Bill Richardson Blasts Clintons For Spreading Bogus Rumors

He used to work for “them” so he ought to know a thing or two about how things operate.

More lashing out at the Clintons…
Gov. Bill Richardson blasts the Clintonistas for spreading the rumor that he told Iowans to vote for Obama:

So much for that VP slot.
On Hannity and Colmes Richardson blasts the Clintons:

“You know and it’s a lot of the Clinton people that are putting this out and I really resent it. It’s wrong. I believe very strongly that this was a big vote for Obama because he brought a lot of new people in. That’s why he won and those people should stop trying to get scapegoats.

Well, it looks like Bill Richardson won’t be holding a position with the next Clinton Administration.
That’s for sure.

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