Another CNN Democratic Candidate Presidential (Dogfight) Debate

Before the dogfight…

(L-R) US Democratic presidential candidates Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) pose before the CNN/Congressional Black Caucus Institute Democratic Party presidential debate. (Yahoo)

Let’s hope that this CNN Debate is not the fiasco like the last one.
The last CNN Democratic Debate was a Clinton Reunion:

** The audience was planted in her favor
** The questions were planted in her favor
** The questioners were her supporters
** The after debate spin room included 2 former staff members and 1 current campaign analyst


The candidates are already giving away the (Animal) farm.
Senator Clinton promotes a green collar jobs program to put young people to work now.

John Edwards is going to bring back the manufacturing jobs(?)
They all sound a little panicked- but Hillary sounds in command.

Barack Obama about Hillary Clinton: What she said isn’t true. She blasts Hillary…
I am posting this video for SURE!!

Video from HotAir.
Ben Smith at the Politico has the transcript from the fight.

Hillary is blasting Obama on his Reagan comments.
Obama blasts her for working at WalMart.
My hat is off to Obama for taking on the Clinton Machine head on.

The Democratic Wars are far from over- This is getting ugly.
Here’s the crowd booing Hillary for her underhanded attack on Obama:

(Sorry this took so long to post- MotionBox was down.)
Barack definitely got in the best jabs and it hurt. You could tell by the way Hillary came back with the “you NEVER” line that got her the boos.

Stephen Green and TigerHawk are live-blogging.

Edward’s tag teams with Hillary on Obama on his voting record in the Illinois Senate.

John Edwards says were losing because Bush said so(?)
Obama- Al-Qaeda is stronger now than any time since 2001.
(Break- I posted 2 video clips but they are still loading- bummer… Motion Box is not working tonight. This is the video service I use since I was kicked off YouTube. This is the second time it has been down in the last while.)
Obama takes a poke at “white man” John Edwards.
It looks like this section of the debate is dedicated to race questions.
Barack Obama asked about “First Black President” Clinton.

Hillary Clinton brings attention to the “great amount of damage that the next president will inherit from President Bush.”

Hillary is asked about her husband’s outrageous actions the past couple of weeks.
–Good question!
Hillary says we are witnessing what a difference it makes to have a president who does not show empathy for the people of this country.
Hillary Clinton continues to be a divider and not a uniter.
Obama- One good thing that Bush and Cheney did was to give Republicans a very bad name.

Obama talks about fear-mongering and rebuilding relationships around the world.
Edwards- Bush has done extraordinary damage.
Wrap Up—- What a dogfight! Whew.

Best Line goes to Obama: “I’m not sure who I’m running against, you or your husband.”

Michelle Malkin liveblogged the dogfight.

Related… More jabs today at the Clinton’s- Atlanta Mayor Shirley Jackson jabbed Bill Clinton at the MLK Day ceremony today in Georgia.

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