Word to Sean Penn… Chavez DID Try to Steal the Election!

Some Hollywood celebrities were, no doubt, pretty upset that their buddy Hugo Chavez lost his election for ruler for life.

Chavez with super-fans Penn, Glover, Campbell, & Spacey.

On Friday December 7, 2007, Sean Penn gave a moving endorsement speech for Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich at San Francisco University.
Besides the Republican protester, it was a great evening for Sean and Dennis.
Mr. Penn was especially animated whien talking about his good friend Marxist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela:

Meanwhile, our President’s great enemy in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, that “totalitarian,” “authoritarian,” “dictator,” that “mad man run amok,” somehow was unsuccessful in his bid for the constitutional reforms that would have allowed him to be repeatedly re-elected for life…

Hmmm? Odd week, you know? Really. What happened to Chavez’s “strong-arming?” His “electoral corruption?” His alleged “gagging of the press?” How in the hell could he have lost? I’m sorry, did I miss something? How is it that this “Commie bastard” with “80%” of his citizens having elected him in the first place was unable to prevail?

Could it be that we’ve been lied to about him? I mean, Pat Robertson’s not a liar, is he? His god wouldn’t let that happen, would he? And god-forbid, our god would let the right-wing pundits, left-wing corporates, or our own administration send us a bill of goods!? Is it possible, I mean I know it’s silly, but is it just a little bit possible that President Chavez is in fact a defender of his people’s Constitution?

No… No Sean.
Not even a little bit.


Chavez did try to steal the election.
A Second Hand Conjecture has the story on the attempted theft:

The Venezuelan military high command virtually threatened Chavez with a coup d’état if he insisted on overturning the election results. The president conceded—but with one condition: he demanded his margin of defeat be reduced to a bare minimum in official tallies.

Obviously, Sean Penn missed this news.

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