Who's Lying Now, Harry Reid?

Santa’s misfits:

2007 was a bust for Worst Congress Ever. (AFP)

The New York Times examines the antics of America’s worst Congressional leader on record and wonders where it all went wrong for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

“Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, has called President Bush a loser and a liar and has referred to him derisively as King George. Mr. Reid has also apologized — but only, he likes to point out, for the “loser” line.

Mostly, Mr. Reid, Democrat of Nevada, calls the president “this guy,” as in an interview last week, when he said, “I am mystified, dumbfounded about how difficult it is to work with this guy.”

In private conversations about Mr. Bush with friends and Senate colleagues, Mr. Reid has even used the word “hate,” though he clarifies that it is political not personal hatred that he feels.

You may have to go back to the Civil War to find a period in American history where the opposition has been so toxic in their attacks on the president. The shocking attacks by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Dick Durbin, Jim Moran yesterday and other democratic leaders on the president and the troops have done nothing but harm to this nation.

And, as Harry Reid continues to attack this president and troops at war he himself has been unwilling to admit that the US and Allied forces have had great success in Iraq this past year.
This is what Harry Reid said on Tuesday:

“Who’s winning?” Reid asked a group of reporters. “Big Oil, Big Tobacco. … Al Qaeda has regrouped and is able to fight a civil war in Iraq. … The American people are losing.”

The video is here.

After all of the extremely positive news from Iraq this year including the testimony by America’s top general in Iraq General Petraeus to Congress, Harry Reid continues to tote the party line that “This war is lost.”

Surely, Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid heard the good news from Iraq? Surely, he’s heard the reports that Al-Qaeda has been defeated in Iraq?
Surely, he noticed the 70 US Senators voting to continue funding this the War in Iraq this week?
Yet, he still rants to the press that, “Al-Qaeda is winning,” and, “America is losing.”
Who’s the liar, Harry Reid?
Who’s the loser?

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