Self-Absorbed Actor: "Hollywood Is Like Al-Qaeda"

The horror!
Pampered British actor Rupert Everett claims that life in Hollywood is like life with Al-Qaeda or the Taliban.
How could we have been so blind?

Was that a Taliban beating his women or a Tinsel Town cattle call?
It’s hard to tell anymore.
And, here we thought Hollywood was just a bunch of pampered liberals hating on America and Bush.
The Times Online reported:

Hollywood has the moral compass of the Taleban or al-Qaeda, according to one of Britain’s best known film actors.

Rupert Everett, who made his name in Another Country before starring opposite Julia Roberts in the hit comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding, cited the major studios’ attitude to women, gays, abortion and addiction to support his claim.

“Hollywood is a place that pretends it’s very liberal but it’s not remotely,” he told The Times. “It’s like Al-Qaeda.”

Has Hollywood really come to this?

Don’t forget your lines, Rupert!

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