Republicans Ready to Take Back House From "Do Nothing" Dems

After the abysmal showing by the “Do Nothing” House democrats this year, Republicans see an opportunity to take back the majority.

Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid have absolutely failed to deliver.
They have led Congress to the worst approval ratings in history.
FOX News reported:

Democrats running the House of Representatives had their chance to lead and squandered it, say Republicans determined to put a bright face on seemingly dim hopes for a return to a GOP majority in 2008…

Republican supporters looking for a comeback said a number of districts lost in the 2006 midterm election can be retaken with the right focus and resources. Many of the Democrats targeted are key freshmen who Republicans said won their seats in a “perfect storm” of conditions that won’t hold the same relevance in the next election…

Republicans are fully aware of the need for change across the country and are telling candidates in key districts to bash Washington if necessary, said one party insider.

“We’re encouraging our candidates not only to run against Washington but also against us (Republicans),” the GOPer admitted.

It doesn’t help that Reid and the democrats continue to offend the troops and deny their progress in Iraq.

The fact that the polarizing Hillary may become the Democratic nominee for president is also a good sign for Republicans in conservative-leaning districts.

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