Rage Boy: The Cuban Collection

Evidently, the regime in Cuba has their own Rage Boy who comes out for the cameras to harass democracy protesters.

The photo above shows the castro regime thug getting in the face of a woman who had the temerity to support a march for human rights on International Human Rights Day in Cuba- Babalu.

Castro’s henchman at the democracy protest yesterday in Havana- Babalu.

Government supporters yell slogans against a group of dissidents marching through a street in Havana December 10, 2007. (Reuters)


The Cuban rage boy elbowing the democracy protesters.

And, back last year….

In 2006 regime rage boy bashed democracy protesters in Havana- Stefania.

The Real Cuba has more photos of the Cuban Rage Boy.

Henry Gomez at Babalu makes this suggestion:

“We need to find out this guy’s name and distribute it with his pictures. In fact we need to start collecting the names and pictures of all these henchmen.”

Great idea.

UPDATE: (December 13) Babalu is starting a campaign to out Castro’s thugs.

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