Police Crack Down on "Code Pink" in Pakistan(?)

Unfortunately, Pakistan does not have the same set of laws as Canada.

Code Pink to the rescue…
Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin was arrested in Pakistan today.

Code Pink in Pakistan?
Earlier this week Code Pink members held a vigil in Pakistan against the house arrest of Pakistani judge Aitzaz Ahsan.
The Daily Times reported on Code Pink’s protesting in Lahore, Pakistan:

American human rights activists started a 24-hour vigil at Supreme Court Bar Association president Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan’s residence at 12:00pm on Sunday to protest Aitzaz’s detention.

The SCBA president’s house has been designated a ‘sub-jail’ with him inside. Americans Medea Benjamin and Tighe Barry, members of the Global Exchange and women’s peace group Code Pink, plan to continue their vigil till today (Monday).

On Sunday, lawyers Muhammad Azhar Siddique along with his family, Naveed Inayat Malik, Pervaiz Inayat Malik, Khurram Latif Khosa, PPP leader Azizur Rehman Chan, Labour Party chief Farooq Tariq and Aitzaz’s wife Bushra Aitzaz joined the sit-in at the entrance of Aitzaz’s house for two hours. When the activists tried to put up a banner reading ‘Musharraf Release Lawyers’, the police stopped them. The participants told the police that Aitzaz’s detention order had ended at 12:00pm. However, the police told the activists that his detention would continue till Monday (12:00pm).

USA Today has the news of their arrests.

The Washington Times just announced that they are getting the boot from Pakistan tomorrow.

On Sunday the Code Pink loons held a vigil in front of the Pakistani judge’s home in Lahore.


Bill’s Blog has more on this really crazy story- via HotAir.


Codepink activist Medea and Teghe seen passionately fighting for the cause- Pak Voices.
Cute hat, Tighe!

Pakistani Dawn News covered the Code Pink protests:

This was taken before the two were arrested and deported.

Elsewhere in Pakistan today… The first woman suicide bomber exploded herself in Peshawar.

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